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Wednesday, November 7, 2012



This is a time lapse video of a photoshoot my friend and fellow photographer Hannah Fehrman put together! I am happy to say that I was part of the shoot. I stepped into the role of assisting!
I enjoy being the one behind the camera, however I also enjoy taking a step to the side and observing how someone else works! Hannah runs a fun set and I am glad she allowed me to be part of it! I hope to do more work for/with her in the future!

Monday, October 29, 2012


This here is a screen shot of  my friend Tricia's website! The image is from a shoot that I collaborated with some amazing people on! Please check them all out! More photos to come soon!

Jordana Abisdris - Photographer 
Tricia VanGessel- Hair/Styling/Retouching 
Neenah Mari- Make-up

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Business Cards?

My design friend Marvin, whom I have work on several projects with, made this for me.
I just thought it was pretty clever and my stats are pretty amazing!
Wish I could really use this as a business card!
"Gotta 'capture' em all"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I collaborated with fellow photographer Jordana Abisdris on a shoot for Varie Magazine.

It was a good long productive day!

Also to be noted I got to sport my new t-shirt with my logo designed by my good friend Alex!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Congratulations to a friend

I would just like to officially congratulate a very close friend of mine, Jordana Abisdris. She has just started a well deserved internship with Sarah Silver in New York City! 

I met Donna during my very first class at Columbia College Chicago. It was Foundations of PhotographyI. She introduced herself to me that first day and the rest is history. It wasn't long after that we began exploring the city together embarking on magnificent photo adventures. 

Its just so crazy that one day we are in the foundations of photography, just going where the city took us, and dragging our .35mm along for the ride. Now we are on the verge of graduation, ending our schooling, and soon to be starting our careers.
It seems like only yesterday we were young freshman without a care in the world, facing all the promise of success and adventure.  

(Images Donna took of me freshman year)

Looking at the work she has produced throughout her collage career and seeing how much her style has grown and developed just astounds me. 

 This isn't even her most recent work. It continuously gets increasingly better and more sophisticated.

Along with donna being a talented photographer and a great friend she has also been a constant inspiration for me. Most of my best work has been done with her in the studio set up next to me. The two of us constantly bouncing ideas off each other, providing perspective, new ways to look at things, solving problems together, and challenging each other. No matter how different our styles within the same realm of work we do, we both provide each other with support and help.
This girl like me has put in countless hours in the studio working her tail off just to get that one perfect shot, and then many more hours in post-production making that perfect shot flawless. This woman is dedicated and passionate about her work. I do not know anyone more deserving of this great opportunity. I can absolutely not wait to see how well she thrives in this new environment. 
Sarah Silver, you could not have picked a more qualified intern.